The Landscape Research Group enables landscape research with the potential to contribute towards greater justice and sustainability

The LRG is an international, independent and not-for-profit organisation that promotes interdisciplinary research across boundaries.

Landscape layers on Isle of Arran

LRG's first Critical Field Study will be held 10th to 15th October 2022 in Isle of Arran, Scotland

LRG's Annual Research Fund "Empire and Landscape in Dialogue" is now closed - all applicants will be contacted shortly

Read Anna Lena Hahn's article on LEX exploring a former quarry in France, and the changes in the post-industrial landscape

LRG's Research Fund Showcase: Was held on Friday 11th February 2022.  The video of the event is available on LEX

Funded Research Project 2021:  Relationship Between Outdoor Recreation and Public History, Mary T Biggs, University of North Carolina. Photo credit:  © Mary T Biggs

Funded Research Project 2021: Abandoned colliery, Fife, Scotland Photo credit: © Dr Laura Roe, University of St Andrews (Scotland)

We believe that research has a vital role to play in realising a fairer, ethical and more sustainable future, in terms of the relationships that people have with the places in which they live and the environments they share with each other and with other living things.

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