We enable landscape research that has the potential to contribute towards greater justice and sustainability, and encourage collaboration across boundaries.

Photo credit: © Sarah McCarthy

About us

The Landscape Research Group (LRG) is an international, independent and not-for-profit organisation. We work to advance interdisciplinary landscape research through dissemination, communication and exchange across global communities of interest.

We believe that research has a vital role to play in realising a fairer, ethical and more sustainable future, in terms of the relationships that people have with the places they live, and the environments they share with each other and with other living things.

We wish to ensure that research can play this role in the fullest possible way.

Our historical roots are in the UK, but the work we support, as well as our membership, our Directorship and our partners, are global.

We therefore enable landscape research that has the potential to contribute towards greater justice and sustainability, and we support people to collaborate and communicate in producing, sharing and using such research.

South American Chaco Project © María Vallejos

The LRG is committed to creating, maintaining and enhancing network ties and linkages among people interested in landscape research across boundaries:

  • Between nation states or cultures
  • Between academia and the various forms of landscape-related practice
  • Between different landscape-related disciplines, different approaches to landscapes and different perspectives on landscapes.

The LRG was founded in 1967 in England, and incorporated and registered as a charity in 1983. Established by a group of interested practitioners and researchers to ‘promote study of and research of the landscape,’ the organisation has always accepted members who share this aim.

For more details on the history of the LRG, have a look at the article “Fifty years of Landscape Research Group” by Steven Shuttleworth, founder member and former Treasurer and Company Secretary of the organisation, written in 2017 to mark the LRG’s 50th anniversary. 

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Who we are

The Landscape Research Group is a global community of interest in landscape and the ways we shape, and are shaped by, the places we live.
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As a registered charity* and a limited company** under the UK Companies Acts, LRG is governed by Articles and a Memorandum of Association.
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Join our global community!

Membership of the Landscape Research Group is open to anyone who works in or has an interest in landscape, rural or urban.

Member benefits

  • Unlimited online access to all issues of Landscape Research & 5 other journals
  • Personal hard copy of our journal, Landscape Research - eight issues a year (at less than 20% of the normal subscription price)
  • 20% off all Routledge publications
  • Reduced rates at LRG  & partner conferences and events
  • Eligibility to apply for research project grants under the LRG Research Fund