A note and request from Bud Young, outgoing editor of Landscape Research Extra.

“Members, Friends, Countrymen! Lend me your words. I come to bury LRExtra not to praise it”

…. Okay so you know that this is Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar  …but now the reality request:

Can you write a note (100 words), 2 paragraphs (200 words), an article (300-400 words) about landscape. If you can do more, try me. It will help me put together the biggest and best ever issue of LRExtra from you as members, an untapped well of interesting landscape ideas. Ideas … always there in the mind …. getting them on to ‘paper’ requires confidence and a little effort. Photo images help.

Fake news image of the Editor at the 1988 issue of LRExtra Issue No 1

I already have a promise of ten articles by regular contributors. I am strongly supported in this by one time Editor Prof Paul Selman; one time editor Prof Peter Howard; long term contributor Prof Brian Goodey; Terry O’Regan just retired from chairing Landscape Alliance Ireland; Ros Codling regular contributor of Antartic background; William Young a picture essay on basaltic landscapes in the Azores; from the Editor of the RIBA Journal about London historic back streets and from David Saunders our CEO on Geograph.

It will be a valedictory issue so some articles may reference past history of LRE. Some may look at the evolution of LRE itself. Some may speak about notable persons and those deceased. We all have our own best landscape/landscape type or experience. I am looking for landscapes created, observed, experienced today or when you were a child, changing and static; urban landscape for the 65% of the World who live in towns and urban spreads. Will anyone offer me a view of industrial parks my new excitement (great source of imagery) or the value to themselves of urban greenspace? The unexpected, uncelebrated place you love to walk in?

Sounds like a Wonderful People’s Issue.

Occupy yourself in these pox ridden virus-constrained times and leave your mark.

It will appear along with 88 previous issues on LRG’s website (quid vide returning to Julius Caesar and Latin).

Once there … there forever. Immortality! Irresistible!

Copy deadline: 30th April 2020.

Email me whatever you can produce. I can advise.

Note from LRG: Though this will be the last issue of Landscape Research Extra, this is not the end of the more practical and informal landscape pieces and commentary it provides. Later this year we will be launching an online multimedia space, and accompanying multimedia publication, to feature work and thoughts from our member community, as a space to share and exchange. This will build on Bud’s tireless work over 32 years (!) of pulling together landscape articles, for which we are eternally grateful.