The University of Kiel hosted the conference “Current perspectives and challenges for landscape research, planning and development” over 23-24 September 2019, jointly organised by the Arbeitskreis Landschaftsforschung and the Deutsche Akademie für Landeskunde (DAL), and was funded by LRG.

50 years ago, a ‘Geographer’s Day’ was held in Kiel. Now ‘landscape’ is again a topic within geography. The 2019 conference reflected the current state of landscape research, both in terms of theoretical concepts and research work in several areas.

The full programme is available in English / auf Deutsch.

Podcasts of most of the presentations are below. (The audio quality for some presentations is lower than others due to a static mic and moving speakers, but all are audible.)

Keynote speaker

Current perspectives and challenges for landscape research, planning and development

John Wylie, University of Exeter

In English; MP3

Landscape as construct

Perspectives of landscape research in geography – 50 years after Kiel

Olaf Kühne, University of Tübingen & Deutsche Akademie für Landeskunde

Auf Deutsch; MP3. Please note the beginning is missing.

“New” geographical landscape research – reflections on strategic essentialisations and materialities

Ludger Gailing, Leibniz Institute for Research on Society & Space, Erkner

Auf Deutsch; MP3

Transdisciplinary landscape research in conflict with paradigms

Karsten Berr, University of Tübingen

Auf Deutsch; MP3

Landscape and beyond

In search of alternatives to ‘natural capital’ and ‘ecosystem services’

Markus Leibenath, IOER, Dresden

In English; MP3

Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR): Current potential and limits of the visualisation of immersive usable 3D landscapes

Dennis Edler, Ruhr-Universität, Bochum

Auf Deutsch; MP3

Social media harvesting in landscape planning, practice and research

Lucas Kaußen, TH OWL, Höxter

Auf Deutsch; MP3

Landscape constructions around food, health and raw materials

Urban food landscapes: unequal access to food using the example of the university city of Tübingen

Timo Sedelmeier, University of Tübingen

Auf Deutsch; MP3

Constructions of landscape and health: therapeutic landscapes

Joachim Rathmann, University of Würzburg

Auf Deutsch; MP3

Hybrid demarcations – industrial Saarland landscapes in postmodernity

Florian Weber, University of Saarland, Saarbrücken

Auf Deutsch; MP3