Cheriscape is a landscape focused network funded as part of the transnational pilot call of the European Joint Programming Initiative on Cultural Heritage. The network is based on the proposition that landscape is not just a category of heritage, it is the world ‘as perceived by people’. It thus offers a way of seeing that connects people to place, contains social relationships and helps people to understand and live with environmental change. Over the network’s three year lifespan, CHeriScape will uncover the connections between landscape and heritage in both research and policy through a series of five conferences.

Conference I: Landscape as Heritage in Policy, will take place from 1 – 2 July 2014, in Ghent (Belgium). This conference will set the scene for the series by getting to the heart of the issue: how can the idea of landscape as heritage begin to ‘make a difference’?

The conference will cover three themes:

– Session 1: Landscape and Heritage – concepts and ideas
– Session 2: ELC and Faro interconnections and synergies
– Session 3: Landscape as heritage in mainstream policy

Further information about Conference I, including links for registration, can be found here.

For more information about Cheriscape, please visit the network’s dedicated website.