The Landscape Research Group (LRG) invites you to join a two-day conference at the University of Kiel, Germany 23rd-24th September 2019 to discuss: ‘Current perspectives and challenges for landscape research, planning and development.’

The conference is jointly organised by the Arbeitskreis Landschaftsforschung and the Deutsche Akademie für Landeskunde (DAL), and is part-funded by LRG.

50 years after the Geographer’s Day in Kiel, ‘landscape’ is again a topic in geography (as is the case with many neighbouring sciences), the essentialisations that were intensively criticised at the time can only be found in current social-scientific landscape research as an object of research, and current human-geographical landscape research, with its mostly constructivist basic positions, has once again become connectable to current human geography.

The 2019 conference reflects the current state of landscape research. Theoretical considerations on landscape understanding are also made, concepts are discussed, empirical results of landscape research are presented and, last but not least, perspectives for landscape research are determined.

Keynote speakers will include:

The full programme and details of how to attend are below: