Voices of Landscape

This event has now taken place. You can watch the recording below.

We are pleased to provide details of our pre-AGM event on Friday 8 September at 12.00pm BST and to invite you to take an active part.

The purpose will be to enrich our understanding of landscape by exploring diverse perspectives from across our network. Our focus in this event will be on ‘landscape and care’ in anticipation of our forthcoming Special Issue Journal issue on this topic. Further information on Landscape Research Journal can be found here.

Our session will be chaired by the Guest Editors leading the creation of this special edition: Zannah Matson and Prof Tim Waterman. The format of our session will be five sets of short presentations (up to five minutes) accompanied by one supporting picture/image. We will then open the ‘virtual floor’ up for discussion.

We invite you to apply to be one of our five panellists. We are at your service should you wish any assistance in preparing. Please send your proposal directly to Brian Kilkelly with up to five of your key points and your image.

We will select the participants on Tuesday 29 August, so please send your ideas in before then.

You don’t have to be a member to participate but we would recommend it! You can join here.