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Landscape Research Group is delighted to showcase another selection of speakers presenting a summary of their recent research projects, as recipients from our annual 2021 Research Fund, which explored the theme of Landscape, Virtue and the Common Good.

The speakers will be:

Dr Jane Russell-O’Connor, South East Technological University, “Why people are drawn to certain landscapes

This project explores why people are drawn to certain types of landscapes and how being immersed within them promotes a sense of connection with the environment and other landscape others. They focused on the experiences of visitors and inhabitants in the coastal town of Tramore in County Waterford, Ireland.

Dr Annaclaudia Martini, University of Bologna, “The right to be vulnerable: seawalls, resistances and protest movements in post-tsunami“.

Annaclaudia’s project aimed at mapping and analysing the bottom-up practices of resistance and social justice in the movement developed in the Tohoku region in Japan, as a reaction to the Central Government’s decision to build a 400km long and 15-18m high seawall along the coast, as coastal protection following the tsunami in 2011. She also explores how its construction has also divided the the communities’ opinion.

Louis Braddock Clarke and Zuzanna Zgierska, The Royal Academy of Art, Out of Focus: Cinematic Readings of a Shaken Landscape”

“Out of Focus” is the title of an experimental documentary film, which samples the shifts in iron magnetism in Greenland to navigate the intersections of climate change, mineral extraction, indigenous cosmology and post-colonialism. Focusing on Cape York in Greenland, the project draws from the Inuit cosmology of silla, meaning ‘breath of life’. According to indigenous stories, the breath of every living being is borrowed from the sky and the air around them.

You can view the recording of a previous Showcase for the other recipients here.

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