This Event has now passed, you can watch the recording here:

Tuesday 14 March 2023 at 16.00 GMT / 11.00 EST

Landscape Research Group is delighted to host a selection of speakers presenting a summary of their recent research projects, as recipients of our annual 2021 Research Fund.

This is an online, recorded event.

Mary Biggs, University of North Carolina:  Landscape relationships between outdoor recreation and public history in the US South

Mary’s research project aimed to examine how historical and spatial relationships between US landscapes of public history and landscapes of outdoor recreation shape understandings of the past, the natural world, and social justice. Through her research into two historic, former slavery plantation sites in North Carolina, Stagville and Vance Birthplace, she explored the institutional and physical relationships between these two overlapping, but distinct, landscapes.

Dr Richard Irvine and Dr Laura Roe , University of St Andrews:  Carbon afterlives: coal landscapes, addiction, and the end of mining in Fife

This project examined the former mining landscape of Fife, Scotland, to understand the ongoing social relation with coal and the end of mining. Whilst from the perspective of the planetary climate, the closure of coal mines is a positive, locally this has resulted in the loss of skilled employment, the erosion of identity and subsequent social problems, such as an increase in drug use. This was a transdisciplinary project which attempted to consider the bearing of economic geology of the region in contemporary social injustice, and the role the landscape might play as a source of future thinking in the face of considerable uncertainty.

Dr Joanne Phillips, Manchester Metropolitan University:  Rewilding the Popular Imagination Through Visual Narratives

Jo’s project aimed to identify and illustrate key themes for use in creating future visual narratives of rewilding projects, to be used to communicate the concept of rewilding to the widest possible audience and thereby to engage the popular imagination.

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