Funded Projects

Land Use Changes and Land Tenure Conflicts: The Case of South American Chaco (2017)

This research project addresses the inequitable distribution of the benefits and impacts generated by land … Read more

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I live and discover my landscape: the case of UNESCO Sitia Geopark (2017)

The project aims to empower themanagement authority of the Geopark – a proactive project partner – as well as existing grass roots initiatives, so that they can collectively plan and shape a sustainable future for their landscape.

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Inequality of access and inclusivity: marginalising children with ‘invisible’ disabilities, and their experience of landscapes (2017)

Kimm’s study evaluates the access policies of heritage organisations to identify gaps in their support for children with unseen disabilities, such as ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), in landscape initiatives and cultural heritage activities.

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Melting the ice in the heart of man (2017)

In the long run, Jasper’s aim is to work towards a critical understanding of the differences between colonial and indigenous audiovisual perception of the changing arctic environment.

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Landed – Cadastral Maps (2017)

In the UK about 70% of the land is owned by 0.7% of the population. Unequal ownership of land provides owners with social and economic power. In the recent increase of economic inequality, landownership is a prime example, but is little discussed, and information on landownership in England is hard to obtain.

John’s project aims to highlight the issue of landownership and its effects on people’s lives.

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