Supporting urban poor’s women leadership to respond to lake and wetland’s in-filling practices and urban dispossession in Phnom Penh, Cambodia (2020)

Dr Johanna Brugman Alvarez, University of Queensland, Australia Project summary Cambodia is a country with a ‘disjointed’ form of governance in which state-private alliances by-pass any form of urban legislation in governing its resources in an equitable way. Since 2003, over 60% of Phnom Penh’s lakes and more than 40% of wetlands have been in-filled … Read more

What is wilderness? Landscapes of change (2020)

Sarah Pohlschneider, University of the Highlands and Islands Project summary Over the last decade, Scottish landscapes have been increasingly exposed to extreme weather events, exacerbating the risk of catastrophic disturbances e.g. wildfires and flooding. Rapid environmental change affects human and non-human communities and requires urgent responses informed by and under consideration of a wide range … Read more

Landscape stories: an investigation of organisations’ and diverse audiences’ narratives of the countryside to advance justice (2020)

Wembury in South East Devon

Dr Laura Hodsdon, Falmouth University Project summary Working with the National Trust (NT), this project uses Wembury in South-East Devon as a test-bed to surface stories (real or imagined) about the landscape from organisations and individuals from diverse audiences, to create an impactful action plan for the NT to ensure ‘everyone is welcome’, contribute to … Read more

Forest fire and indigenous landscape identity (2020)

Dr Andrew Butler, Dr Annette Löf and Dr Sara Holmgren, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Project summary This project aims to investigate the consequences of forest fires in the Swedish boreal forest from the Sami landscape perspectives compared with the dominant discourse. Fire causes dramatic and abrupt landscape change reaching beyond the visible, physical and … Read more