A virtue-based approach to contested landscape management (2021)

Dr Matthew R Rofe, University of South Australia and Prof Michael Ripeester, Brock University, Canada Project summary Memorials are ubiquitous within human landscapes. Memorialisation embodies the operation of power, through which dominant groups legitimise their authority. This is particularly the case within colonial societies. However, the postcolonial turn has witnessed the destabilisation of colonial landscapes. … Read more

Rewilding the popular imagination through visual narratives (2021)

Dr Jo Phillips, Manchester Metropolitan University Project summary This project aims to identify and illustrate themes for use in creating future visual narratives of rewilding projects, to be used to communicate the concept of rewilding to the widest possible audience, and thereby to engage the popular imagination. Existing literature in the field of rewilding has … Read more

Out of focus: cinematic readings of a shaken landscape (2021)

Louis Braddock Clarke and Zuzanna Zgierska, The Royal Academy of Art Project summary ‘Out of Focus’ is an experimental documentary film, which samples the shifts in iron magnetism in Greenland to navigate the intersections of climate change, mineral extraction, indigenous cosmology, and post-colonialism. The core narrative takes place at Cape York, Greenland, where 10,000 years … Read more

What is it that we like about landscapes and why? (2021)

View of Tramore County Waterford

Dr Jane Russell-O’Connor, Waterford Institute of Technology, Republic of Ireland Project summary This project aims to investigate why people are drawn to certain types of landscapes and how being immersed within them promotes a sense of connection with the environment and other landscape users. It will focus on the experiences of visitors and inhabitants in … Read more