6 December 2017, The Wellcome Collection, London
14.00 – 18.00, followed by a drinks’ reception
19.30 – Dinner at a nearby restaurant

In place of our LRG Annual Lecture, this year we have invited not just one but four inspiring speakers. They will lead this debate/workshop exploring the issue of landscape justice and role of research in helping to achieve it. Each is a leader in their field:

Professor Emily Brady, Professor of Environment and Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh, is a philosopher who writes and speaks widely on landscape, aesthetics, and environmental ethics
Professor Ken Olwig, a geographer and philologist, who is interested in the relationship between different concepts of law and different concepts of landscape, and the consequences for landscape justice.  He lives in Scandinavia, but his lecturing and research takes him all over Britain, Europe and the world.
Peter Peacock, a land reform campaigner, who acts as the Policy Director of Community Land Scotland. He has an extensive background in public policy as leader of a large regional local authority in Scotland and a former MSP and Scottish government Minister.
Dr Aviva Rahmani, an eco-art activist whose public and ecological art projects have involved collaborative interdisciplinary community teams with scientists, planners and environmentalists.

The debate takes place at the Wellcome Collection in the afternoon of 6 December and will be followed by a drinks’ reception and conference dinner.