The editor-in-chief of our journal Landscape Research, Emma Waterton, is delighted to announce the winners of our 2019 best paper prizes. This is the first year these prizes have been awarded.

The winners are:

Best Paper

“Drivers of European landscape change: stakeholders’ perspectives through Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping”

Authored by Theo van der Sluis, Bas Arts, Kasper Kok, Marion Bogers, Anne Gravsholt Busck, Kalev Sepp, Isabel Loupa-Ramos, Vangelis Pavlis, Nicoleta Geamana and Emilie Crouzat, and published in Volume 44, Issue 4.

Best Paper by Early Career Researchers

“Dwelling and tourism: embracing the non-representational in the tourist landscape”

Authored by Solène Prince and published in Volume 44, Issue 6.

Congratulations to you all!

Both articles are Open Access, and available to all.