We’d like to welcome and introduce Yellowback Editing as the new editorial support for our journal Landscape Research.

The team at Yellowback will replace Crista Walshaw, the journal’s editorial assistant for 14 years. On behalf of the Landscape Research Group and the Landscape Research journal team, thank you Crista for your tremendous work and commitment to the journal over the years.

Yellowback was founded in 2013 by Dr Madeleine Hatfield to provide editorial support to publishers, subject associations, authors and researchers. Madeleine and an international team of Editorial Assistants work with publishers and learned societies to make sure the peer review of their journals runs as efficiently as possible for all concerned, and that the journals can attract and share the most important research in their fields. Madeleine’s own academic background is in geography, so she is particularly pleased to work on Landscape Research, which intersects with many of her research interests.

Madeleine is supported by Dr Jeremy Brown, who has been working for Yellowback as an Editorial Assistant since March 2020 and is also training to be a librarian. Before completing his PhD, Jeremy gained degrees in Classics and early modern culture. He is interested in maps as physical objects, as well as visual artefacts and cultural representations of space, and his PhD investigated how maps of Italy were used by – but also influenced – early modern British travellers.

Madeleine and Jeremy can be reached at journal@landscaperesearch.org – please do not hesitate to get in touch with them if you have any questions about the journal or to say hello!

Landscape Research is unique in its cross-cutting coverage of research on rural and urban environments, combining high quality academic research and beautiful photo essays to offer an important interdisciplinary forum on the world around us. We are very pleased to join the editor-in-chief, Professor Emma Waterton (Western Sydney University), and the rest of the editorial team to support their important work on the journal. We also look forward to working with, and getting to know, the Landscape Research Group and the wider landscape education and research community.

Dr Madeleine Hatfield, Yellowback Editing

Follow them on Twitter at @ybediting.