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We are proud to announce an event in North Africa, set up by LRG members, to encourage interest in establishing a Landscape Research Network in the Maghreb, covering Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.

All are welcome to attend the free workshop on Thursday 28th November, 2.00-4.30pm at the National School of Architecture and Urban Design, Tunis (ENAU), Tunisia; the event is held in partnership with ENAU.

The workshop will be in French, Arabic and English; the programme is below.

Maghreb Landscapes – Issues and Research Opportunities

School of Architecture (ENAU), Rue El Quods, Site Archéologique de Carthage 2026, Sidi Bou Said

 Chair – Dr Kharrat Fakher (Director of the Architectural School – ENAU)

14.00 Welcome and introductions

14.10 Presentations by a panel of speakers relating to landscape and landscape research in the Maghreb

Mr Gareth Roberts (Landscape Research Group) – Why landscape research?

Mr Djillali Tahraoui (University of Science and Technology, Oran & Director MADINATI Magazine) – ‘Landscape issues and questions: some examples from Algeria’ / Les paysages en question : quelques exemples d’ Algérie

Dr Bassem Gastli (Assistant professor, National Architecture School (ENAU), Tunisia) – From landscape project to landscape designer projects in Tunisia / Du projet de paysage et au projet de paysagiste en Tunisie

15.20 Open discussion – Landscape issues and research opportunities in the Maghreb – questions and comments from the audience

16.10 Summing up by Dr Kharrat Fakher

16.30 Depart

The Maghreb Landscape Research Network aims to bring together landscape researchers and practitioners from across North Africa, to identify and raise awareness of local landscape issues in the region, and to explore themes common to these interconnected landscapes.

Areas of interest for the Network include:

If you’re interested in helping to establish the Network, or to join the Network as a member, please see the contact details on the poster.