A joint LRG/MSRG conference, Falmouth, 25-26 April 2013

This joint conference capitalises on shared interests between LRG and the Medieval Settlement Research Group. It will address itself to historical geographers and medieval-period landscape archaeologists, to local historians, cultural geographers, ecologists and other landscape specialists, who in their different ways all see the relevance of ‘landscape ways of seeing’ to understanding and appreciating our world, past and present. The conference is framed as an exploration of the relationships between landscape research as a whole, which is not always fully historically-informed, with the particular strand of historically-informed, archaeological and local ways of understanding landscape, which are not always explicitly landscape-focussed. Overall, the conference aims to open windows on the further study of landscape’s past not merely in terms of landscape history but in terms of the prehistory of the concept of landscape itself. The first day of the conference revolves around a series of presentations and discussions, while the second day revolves around a field excursion to Godolphin, which will provide an opportunity to think about the questions posed during presentations on the ground in the context of Godolphin, a complex medieval settled, farmed, mined and (re)designed landscape.

For further information about the event, speakers and field excursion, please download the Conference Flyer. If you are interested in attending this event, please download and complete a Conference Booking Form.

For further information, please contact Peter Herring (Peter.Herring@english-heritage.org.uk) or Graham Fairclough (graham.fairclough@newcastle.ac.uk).