Landscape stories: an investigation of organisations’ and diverse audiences’ narratives of the countryside to advance justice (2020)

Wembury in South East Devon

Dr Laura Hodsdon, Falmouth University Project summary Working with the National Trust (NT), this project uses Wembury in South-East Devon as a test-bed to surface stories (real or imagined) about the landscape from organisations and individuals from diverse audiences, to create an impactful action plan for the NT to ensure ‘everyone is welcome’, contribute to … Read more

Ways and Meanings (2019)

This project will trace and respond to official and unofficial access routes around the South Lake District, with the aim of identifying contrasting understandings of the landscape.

Landed – Cadastral Maps (2017)

In the UK about 70% of the land is owned by 0.7% of the population, and information on land ownership is hard to obtain.

This pilot project commissioned artists to map this for the first time, in a small slice of Lancashire, England.