Ways and Meanings (2019)

This project will trace and respond to official and unofficial access routes around the South Lake District, with the aim of identifying contrasting understandings of the landscape.

Disappearance and enclosure of rural public ways in Spain: Impact on the right to landscape (2017)

The loss of public rights of way in Spain is a well-known problem, and several associations, such as the PICP (an NGO for the defence of public pathways), actively advocate for their protection.

Nevertheless, the consequences of losing access to such an important common heritage are not well defined. This aim of this project is to gather information about its impact on the ‘right to landscape’, in order to better coordinate activism, improve dissemination and to raise the issue before the relevant administrative bodies.

Melting the ice in the heart of man (2017)

Environmental neglect and cultural oppression often go hand in hand. This project aims towards a critical understanding of the differences between colonial and indigenous audiovisual perception of the changing arctic environment.