Rewilding the popular imagination through visual narratives (2021)

Dr Jo Phillips, Manchester Metropolitan University Project summary This project aims to identify and illustrate themes for use in creating future visual narratives of rewilding projects, to be used to communicate the concept of rewilding to the widest possible audience, and thereby to engage the popular imagination. Existing literature in the field of rewilding has … Read more

Ways and Meanings (2019)

This project will trace and respond to official and unofficial access routes around the South Lake District, with the aim of identifying contrasting understandings of the landscape.

Beyond the peace lines… (2018)

The project examines whether the historical physical boundaries associated with sectarian segregation in Belfast remain influential in how people engage with and value the city’s landscape.

Landed – Cadastral Maps (2017)

In the UK about 70% of the land is owned by 0.7% of the population, and information on land ownership is hard to obtain.

This pilot project commissioned artists to map this for the first time, in a small slice of Lancashire, England.