Landscape Research Group is one of the partners in a major new EU-funded research project – Project HERCULES. For further information on this project, please download a project overview here. In April 2014, the project launched a Cultural Landscapes Blog, which can be found here. Contributions to the blog usually appear once or twice a week, and those interested are invited to sign up via the project’s dedicated website. The following message can be found online:

“Your contributions are also welcome and indeed necessary to help us widen our scope and touch upon issues we haven’t covered ‑ not because we do not consider them of importance, but because landscapes are so full of meanings and widely diverging interests. Landscapes tend to generate intense and passionate debates. We will welcome these kinds of debates and hope that this blog could serve as a rallying point for global, European, national and local landscapes; “scientific” and “lay” approaches; personal and passionate accounts and descriptions. The blog will be constantly refined to make sure it is of relevance and worth the effort” (cited on the HERCULES Cultural Landscapes Blog).