The Landscape Exchange: a new initiative

The Landscape Exchange will go live for International Landscape Day on 20 October 2020

During this strange year, we’ve been working on developing a new initiative called the Landscape Exchange, or LEX for short, and are very pleased to announce its launch on International Landscape Day, 20th October. 

LEX is an online multimedia platform where our members around the world can share their thoughts, ideas and work, for exchange and collaboration. It includes podcasts, videos, images and writing, and will be fully accessible to the public.

It is a sister space to our peer-reviewed journal Landscape Research, and shares high-quality, relevant and more informal multimedia pieces on landscape research and practice. Members will be able to submit their own pieces online, and as ever, we are keen to support and showcase inter- or trans-disciplinary work across boundaries which has the potential to contribute towards greater planetary justice and sustainability.

Alongside the launch of LEX, we will also be changing our membership fee structure and introducing a new membership option, to remove financial barriers and enable as many people to contribute to LEX as possible. There are more details here. The new options will also launch on 20 October.

International Landscape Day commemorates the signing of the European Landscape Convention by the Council of Europe, in which LRG had an instrumental role, so it’s fitting to celebrate the day by launching a new initiative to further landscape research and work globally.

We are looking forward to sharing it with you on 20th!

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The Landscape Exchange will go live for International Landscape Day on 20 October 2020