Announcing Landscape Research Networks

We are pleased to announce a new initiative to support ongoing inter- or trans-disciplinary work and exchange in landscape, in the form of Landscape Research Networks.

Landscape Research Networks (LRNs) are networks of landscape researchers and practitioners, bounded by a geographical region, or theme. They offer Landscape Research Group (LRG) members regular opportunities to exchange and forge partnerships ‘on the ground,’ and help further landscape thinking in that region, as a ‘hub.’

The LRG wishes to support research that contributes particularly towards greater justice and sustainability. Local and regional networks of people in landscape-related fields, from artists to ecologists to planners, are a tangible way to:

  • Facilitate exchange
  • Promote an interdisciplinary, and ‘landscape’ approach to the complex issues we face
  • Provide a visible space for interdisciplinary landscape work in that region

We provide support in a number of ways:

  • Small amount of funding over 3 years, with potential to extend
  • Communication support and promotion of the LRN and its activities, including recording and sharing activities, and a dedicated LRN webpage
  • Other support, including strategic support, co-ordinating translation of LRN materials, support for further or larger-scale activities e.g. journal submissions or conferences.

For several years, the LRG has funded a German-speaking group which works across Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy, called the Arbeitskreis Landschaftsforschung. The group meets regularly to hold workshops or conferences, and brings landscape researchers and practitioners together. We wished to extend this model as a network template, and hence Landscape Research Networks emerged.

Expressions of interest or suggestions for networks come from you, the LRG community, with us providing the support framework. Please click here to submit your interest in forming an Landscape Research Network.

Read more information about LRN criteria, support provided, and the process for establishing an LRN.

Applications for networks will be open from 2021 onwards, and we aim to invite applications for networks on an annual basis. An application form will be available from this page. Join our mailing list to receive news of applications opening.