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Our Journal

Landscape Research, our academic journal, is a fully peer-reviewed and Impact-Factor listed journal containing articles, critical review essays, photo essays and book review forums.

Editorial team update on Covid-19, 2 April 2020

Landscape Research is an interdisciplinary journal offering a high quality opportunity for those working in different fields to publish their research findings, and is used by the libraries of numerous universities, research organisations and public authorities, as well as individual researchers and practitioners throughout the world.

It is published by Routledge/Taylor & Francis and sees very high numbers of article views and downloads online.

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The journal content is wide ranging and covers a range of disciplines, including environmental conservation, geography (human and physical), landscape architecture, archaeology, history, anthropology, urban studies, planning, design, herniate studies, ecology, countryside management, cultural studies and forestry.

Due to the range and diversity of articles, Landscape Research is the key publication for those wishing to explore, and be informed on, issues in international landscape research, practice, policy and governance.

There are eight issues a year, including special guest-edited themed issues.

To submit articles to the journal, please see these guidelines by Taylor & Francis.

The journal began life in the 1970s as a practitioner-led publication, and has evolved over time, but has retained its broad approach to landscape, and its interdisciplinary focus. Many themes and articles remain relevant to the present day. The entire archive of articles is now online, from 1977 onwards… happy reading!

Editorial Team

Professor Emma Waterton

School of Social Sciences,
Western Sydney University, Australia

Maggie Roe

Consulting Editor
School of Architecture, Planning & Landscape, Newcastle University, UK

Professor Vanesa Castan Broto

Associate Editor
UCL Institute for Global Prosperity, Faculty of the Built Environment & Urban Institute, University of Sheffield, UK

Dr Andrew Butler

Associate Editor
Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning & Management, SLU Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden

Dr Mark R. Eischeid

Assistant Editor
Department of Landscape Architecture, The University of Oregon, USA

Dr Federica Larcher

Assistant Editor
Department of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences (DISAFA), University of Turin, Italy

Associate Professor Stephen Livesley

Assistant Editor
School of Ecosystems and Forest Science, University of Melbourne, Australia

Dr Bo Yang

Assistant Editor
School of Landscape Architecture and Planning, The University of Arizona, USA

Dr Laura Menatti

Book Reviews Editor
Bordeaux School of Architecture and
Landscape, France & University of the Basque Country, Spain

Vanika Arora

Pre-Editor Assistant
Australia Institute for Culture and Society, Western Sydney University, Australia

Dr Hayley Saul

Pre-Editor Assistant
School of Social Sciences, Western Sydney University, Australia

Dr Zannah Matson

Social Media Editor
Department of Geography and Planning, University of Toronto, Canada


Editorial management
Canterbury, UK

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