LRG Research Fund 2022: Call for applications

The Landscape Research Group (LRG) is pleased to announce our 2022 Research Fund. The 50th Anniversary Research Fund was created in 2017, and it is our plan to continue with an annual Research Fund to support a small number of high-quality projects which align strongly with LRG’s current strategic priorities, as outlined in our Research Strategy and specified below.

We particularly welcome applications from early career researchers and practitioners in any field of landscape, and projects with a strong element of collaboration and exchange.

Download full details, eligibility criteria and application form here (Word document). 

Deadline for applications is 1st April 2022.

View previous funded projects here.

2022 Research Fund Theme:
Empire and Landscape in Dialogue

This year’s call focuses on landscape and colonialism. It was inspired by the LRG research event in September 2021 that illuminated connections between imperialism and landscape in Ireland, the Levant, and the Americas, among others, but this topic gained even more importance with the current war in Europe, hopefully the last breath of an empire.

The forms in which colonialism and capitalism have shaped landscapes on a global scale are both historic and ongoing processes, and recent scholarship has allowed these processes to be seen with greater clarity than ever before.

Dispossessions and clearances of land such as the Highland Clearances or the extensive genocide and ecocide in the Americas represent exemplars, but there are many such examples.

Across many geographies, the scenography of empire created landed estates in both colony and metropole which employed landscape and plantation as tools. LRG’s Research Strategy supports the exploration of such historically embedded injustices, and the aim of this call is to add to the body of knowledge about how landscapes have served as not just milieus, but tools of injustice.

The Research Fund will support applications for:

  • research into the circumstances in which injustice is generated and sustained in landscape contexts in relation to the call topic;
  • research into injustices that are historically-embedded in the landscape, that are emerging now or that might emerge in the future;
  • research into the impacts of the language used in communicating ideas and issues around landscape with different audiences. “Language” is here understood in the broad sense to include visual/pictorial/image and tonal based forms of language, as well as verbal and written language;
  • research that addresses the interplay as revealed through language used between organisations, audiences and outcomes in developing policies and practices that address landscape injustice;
  • projects and activities that make use of research in the development and implementation of policies, practices and/or actions that address landscape injustice;
  • projects and activities that create opportunities and mechanisms for the generation, dissemination and/or use of knowledge, understanding or insight into landscape justice.


Deadline for submission of applications:
1st April 2022

Applicants notified of funding decision by:
23rd April 2022

Earliest possible project start date:
23rd April 2022

Projects to be completed by*:
31st March 2023

* The project completion date refers to the main project activities.  It is accepted that some activities, particularly relating to project outputs, may continue on after this date (e.g. where a paper has been submitted to a journal for publication but has yet to go through peer review and be published), although it is expected that continuation of activities beyond 31st December 2022 will be avoided wherever possible.  Applicants should specify a project timetable in Section 2 of the Application Form and, where an activity is anticipated to continue beyond 31st March 2023, this should be explained and justified.

Download full details, eligibility criteria and application form here (Word document).