Our over-arching priority is to advance research that contributes towards just and sustainable relationships between people and landscapes – rural, urban and maritime.

Photo credit: Funded project - Melting the ice © Jasper Coppes

Research strategy

Our current Research Strategy was launched in 2017, our 50th anniversary year, and the themes chosen to reflect the 21st century challenges we and our world face.

The Strategy informs the annual theme for our Research Fund, and the projects we fund, as well as events.

“…to promote a multidisciplinary landscape approach to analysing and finding solutions to environmental problems, and to identifying and promoting those interactions with landscape that lead to human flourishing. This approach includes social and human considerations together with those of a biophysical nature. The strategy sets out our current research priorities, and indicates how we hope to cooperate with others to put them into practice.”

Paul Tabbush, Chairman 2017

We promote a landscape approach because it emphasises the holistic, dynamic and cultural nature of people’s interaction with the world. A landscape approach also calls on a wide range of disciplines, sectors and perspectives.

The concept of landscape integrates different and, often, competing perceptions and uses of resources and the environment. Taking a landscape approach is necessary to address the major challenges facing humanity today such as climate change, migration and population growth, finding sustainable energy futures, large scale ecosystem destruction, poverty and inequality.

We have identified four strategic research priorities:

  • Landscape justice
  • Rapid environmental change
  • Landscape governance
  • Critical & creative landscape thinking

These fields are not neatly bounded, but overlap and connect with each other. They cut across and connect individual disciplinary and sectorial domains.

Read more on each theme in our full Research Strategy (PDF, 2.6MB).

If you are interested in finding out more about LRG’s research strategy please contact LRG’s Research & Policy Co-ordinator (research@landscaperesearch.org).

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