Our fund supports research and practical work to help develop just and sustainable relationships with the places in which we live.

Photo credit: Rural public ways in Spain © Michela Ghislanzoni/Plataforma Ibérica por los Caminos Públicos (PICP)

Research Fund

Our international Research Fund supports a wide range of small, high-quality, independent research projects.

The projects should, in line with the priorities identified in our Research Strategy:

  • Address injustice in landscape contexts
  • Help to develop human, landscape-scale responses to rapid environmental change
  • Help society to achieve a democratic and sustainable approach to the development and governance of landscape
  • Question conventional modes of thought and practice and, by supporting creativity and aspiration, empowers people to envisage living in a just and sustainable relationship with landscape.

We invite applications annually through our Funding Call; see below or sign up to be notified of the Call for Applications.

View funded projects here.

Theme of Call 2019: The Interplay of Language, Landscape Justice & Governance

Now closed; view 2019 funded projects here.

Deadline 1st March 2019. Click for full details and application form. We particularly welcome applications from early career researchers and practitioners in any field of landscape, and projects with a strong element of collaboration and exchange.

Landscape justice and landscape governance are two of the four themes highlighted in our Research Strategy. According to it, landscape justice is concerned with issues of access and exclusion, ownership and dispossession, connection and disconnection within and across communities, societies, generations and species. It concerns decision-making power and disenfranchisement, and fairness or lack thereof in the distribution of the potential benefits deriving from landscape. Landscape research in this area considers who has voice and power in landscape contexts, and how justice, democracy and citizenship are exercised.

Due to the popularity and ongoing relevance of the landscape justice theme, which was the focus for the 50th Anniversary Research Fund, we are continuing with the theme for 2019. However we would particularly welcome projects focusing on the interplay of language (broadly understood), landscape governance and justice. This was one of the main themes that arose during our Landscape Justice Debate in December 2018, and the point was also made that language we used in speaking and studying landscape impacts on the nature of landscape research, the subject matter, the participants and the outcomes.

If you are interested in finding out more about LRG’s Research Strategy please contact LRG’s Research & Policy Co-ordinator: research@landscaperesearch.org.

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